How Automation Works For Email Marketing?

How Automation Works For Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an over two-decade-old strategy now, However, it still plays a major role in our new era marketing strategies. And as email marketing has transformed through the years, the focus on automation of email marketing started catching the attention of the marketers. They see automation as the only way to create a more systematic, segmented and simple email marketing tactics. Email marketing is ten times more effective compared to many other marketing strategies available today, a cost-efficient way to reach your target audience and capturing their attention. While both tools use email as the primary channel to engage with your audience. However, on the other hand ‘Marketing automation software’ can provide you an extra sense to monitors every digital interaction a lead has with your business.

How Email Marketing will look like in 5 years?

Marketers have already started predicting the future of email marketing. Their predictions solely based on the marketing trends and experiments which are going in the market. In 5 years email will be taken as a ‘luxury’ channel. Customers email addresses will only be accessible for highly relevant and personalized content and marketers who fail to deliver will not get another chance. Because In 5 years it will become the highest and fastest ROI generating channel for the marketers.

Why Is Automation So Important Today?

The year 2020 Will certainly be the Year of ‘Customer Experience Email Marketing’. Marketers will definitely add the same principles of helpfulness, personalized content and customer focused marketing in their to-do list. However, automation will be the need of the hour in the future because of the functionality automation offers. As automation is functionally performed as per customer-behavior to help marketers to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns. While in email marketing it is more about blasting out emails after emails to the following list, for that personalized and customer-centric approach is a must. However, personalized emails are one thing that is absent in traditional email marketing tactics, which oftentimes don’t deliver what your prospects are expecting from you if an automation tool is not being used. Automated Email Series is by far the easiest way to keep in touch with the contacts who show interest in your content as your it will automatically send relevant information, timely follow-up emails to contacts based on their behavior in a more personal way. Automation tool creates a series of predetermined emails for you either from scratch or copied from existing emails. Emails are sent automatically to specific contacts as they meet your criteria.

Some More Uses Of An Automation Tool.

1. Segment Your Subscribers

2. Schedule Your Emails

3. Connect Your Emails to Customized Landing Pages.

4. Split Test Your Emails.

5. Analyze Your Results. (Soft Bounce, Hard Bounce, Clicks, Opens)

Automation of email marketing will automate several repetitive tasks that are being done on a regular basis in a marketing campaign by eliminating replacing manual marketing processes. It can track any action that is taken by an individual when engaging with your brand through email. Some marketers may hesitate to use automated marketing emails fearing about the; oss of the effectiveness of an email when using automation tools. However, In reality, email automation can help you to learn more about your subscribers and actually make you're mailing more personalized and more effective.

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