Sales Amplification

Sales Qualified Leads

At the end of the day, the game is really all about topping up your sales funnel with highly qualified leads. Your sales team needs a helping bunk-up and that’s what we do. We work in tandem with you to learn, identify, target, engage, and meet the right buyers and decision-makers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

We know that providing you with lists of potential buyers won’t help your business to grow and profit. You need a precise, fine-tooth comb approach that will feed you with business opportunities that are bang-on and enable you to supercharge your marketing and sales team to cash in on them.

sales qualified leads

multistage leads

Multi Stage Leads

Becoming a qualified lead is a multistage process which necessitates the fulfillment of predefined criteria for the lead to move from one step to another. Our team does all the groundwork and gathers insights on individuals who you see the potential of turning into customers from sales leads.

Before we pass on these leads to your marketing teams, we ensure that they are qualified first. We ask them all the right questions that which enable us to determine their level of interest in your product/service and pass them to you once they tick all the right boxes.

Appointment Setting

Acquiring new customers has never been so difficult. We specialize in helping you get in front of people who are important to your business. Our experienced business development team that holds proficiency in securing appointments by engaging in conversations that are rooted in consultation, research, and deep probing.

While it's true that we want to see the diaries of our clients brim with meetings, we, however, favor quality over quantity. Which is why our team will only pass on the leads that qualify and dovetail with your specific criteria.

appointment setting