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BOFU - A Landing So Smooth

Your marketing plan should enables sales in the first place as todays demand gen problems requires a more integrated approach as a marketer.

As we were discussing about the funnel stages in our previous articles we have discussed TOFU and MOFU, but it's time for us to come on the runway for a smooth landing of our prospects. It's about the last, but definitely not the least, the bottom of the funnel (BOFU- Purchase Stage).

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TOFU (awareness stage), and MOFU (evaluation stage) are the two phases through which the prospects traverse to the conversion funnel, as they nurtured well and provided enough knowledge about the product and services, so they start gaining interest in your offerings.

Afterward, you will have a healthy collection of leads, you have successfully attracted to your website and engage and warm them up with your MOFU content. But BOFU is the most crucial stage since you are going for the sale the overall idea to call it sales funnel that it helps you to visualize and understand the flow through which a potential customer lands on your site and then takes a desire action.

Many industries do not really use content in BOFU stage, at this point the prospects you are targeting are totally aware of your offerings. Leads know about you and are comfortable engaging one-on-one, this comfort is your first win, this is where free assessment, evaluation or trial works best to start the dialogue to conversion. All that’s left is to seal the deal and of course, gain your client’s trust and loyalty so they can come back.

Few things needed to be in place to understand the buyers perspective, as right conversation is important to conversion.

  • Problem Recognition
  • General Need Description
  • Product Specification
  • Value Analysis
  • Performance Review

What Should Be Your Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan should enable sales in the first place, as today's demand gen problems require a more integrated approach as a marketer. But if you are looking at the sales funnel, In the first phase sometimes you find that focusing just on your sales funnel characteristically it limits your sales potential.

By its very nature, the funnel only captures the leads that you’re putting into it, which means you can only convert a little of your target market but the ones you are targeting are those who need similar solution that you are offering so your focus is constant and specific.

As we are heading down we are more likely to convert the prospect into a lead we amplify our efforts by implementing lead generation strategies as well. While many businesses are very successful with the current funnel strategy, the fact remains that success is relative in this respect.

Here are the resources you can implement into your sales strategy to successfully finish of your funnel:

  • Free trials and product samples and highly specialized services, such as a personalized consultation. You could offer a free initial fitness evaluation as well.
  • SEM: Use SEM as your initial marketing tool, so when the user is looking for a very specific service or even a brand, SEM places you in a favored position with offers that answer their needs.
  • Social Ads. In Bofu, make the most of the potential of social ads with their features. Social ads will generate traffic similar to your buyer profile, those who have already traverse through the funnel, this increases its efficiency.
  • An approach to cost reduction according to experts can impress the first time buyers in this crucial phase

“An average customer needs to be offered the sale SEVEN times before they’re ready to purchase”.

purchase cycle funnel

You will all agree with us that, it's easier to convert an existing customer than to a new one, right. Just remember starting point of every buying process is an unsatisfied need. Many customers simply need a gentle nudge to join the purchase league again. But if you are investing your energy and time to convert them into your potential buyers, we suggest do not just leave them on their own.

A sales funnel is simply a tool for visualizing the customers perspective of making a buying decision. This caused similar changes in your sales goals as the customers while this journey. Give your customer clear opportunities to purchase and do it often. Right evaluation leads to quick purchase decisions, implies consumer’s commitment for a product or a service, consumers might have a bundle of problems and needs, out of which the pressing needs move to the top, this is known as need recognition.

Let them fly free with their decisions, understanding their buying motives is precious their final decision to buy will depend upon the relative strength of the positive intention to buy. Satisfaction leads to repeat purchase. 

According to Atzen and Fishbein, “human beings are usually quite rational and make systematic use of information available to them. People consider the implications of their actions before they decide to engage or not to engage in a given behaviour”.

Post Purchase Evaluation
The post purchase evaluation comes in the picture after you are done with all your strategies and successfully close the deal, as they will still be your customer even after the consumption of your product or service If your consumer is satisfied, repeat purchase may be there or they may recommend your brand to other people. Help them by giving your customers a helping hand by reminding them of important dates related to your service or product updates. Emailing a customer on the anniversary of their purchase or birthday to say thank you is not a bad idea we think, to create loyal relationships.
Don’t forget to simply say thank you!

companies with referral programs

“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”  – Jim Rohn

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