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Significant Nutrients For Nurturing In Mofu

In Mofu we are engaging prospects by providing them with more knowledge about our products and services, in simple words we are showing them why we are better than the others and why we should be their first choice.

At Mofu we have to engage prospects by providing them with more knowledge about our products and services, in simple words we are showing them why we are better than others and why we should be their first choice.

When you look at the prospects whole journey from tofu (awareness stage) to mofu (evaluation stage) you will find it pretty complicated as you are likely to convert half-chances in profit, in this marketing strategy as you have an audience with major problems and you have their solutions too but what about the competition? You are not the only one in the market with the same audience there are many others and here only your swiveling content will decide whether you get the job or not.

Because in the first part if you take a glimpse of the awareness stage if prospect finds an ad while visiting your website related to the content you are offering and the content attracts them towards it, as it targets a specific pain point that's impacting on their businesses, A couple of weeks later, after their initial visit to the website, they hit by a retargeting ad again created by you and decide to sign-up for a demo, yup there you hit the bullseye.

You can choose customized content relevant to their industries to gain more attention, provide as much as information they want understand their needs work according to that, and always remember the buyer is trying to find out if your organization is a good fit for their needs or not. And then they will be able to make a decision only if we educate them well enough about our product or service.

In such scenarios, we can use some of the effective engagement tools.
You can send a recent business report or news article
Handwritten letters never go out of style.
Case studies can help in identifying the problem.
Samples can be one of the comparison tools for you.
FAQs to understand their major challenges. 
Datasheets to provide value to your efforts.
Demo videos maintain trust.
Expert guides act as your Personal Trainers.
The webinar could impact. 
Live Interaction could be a game-changer for you.
Comparison Reports- the right tool for evaluation.
Don’t miss the opportunity to send personal invitations to local events.

And a surprising fact- 78% of B2B marketers report higher-quality content creation resulted in increased overall marketing success. – 2018 Content Marketing Institute survey"

tools and their impact

In tofu, we have likely attracted our audience attention towards our solution by providing the content related to their problems but there are some chances that what you are offering is not what they are looking for because this is where buyers will be looking for answers, and when they are totally satisfied with the solutions that you are offering you will get an opportunity to take the lead in the purchase step.

In mofu the focus is directed towards analytics, that is how well your audience is engaging with your website content. These are the metrics that you may want to incorporate as part of lead-scoring efforts. And at times you may see that the target account engagement ratio is less, so you can go ahead and check your website content's relevancy.

As these prospects travel through the funnel, the funnel slowly decreases in size, so in the middle of the funnel (MoFu stage) you are left with fewer prospects, but those are the prospects who are now aware of the solutions that you are offering and are willing to get more information. Once they become familiar with your business, engage them, encourage them to make small commitments to your business even before they are ready to purchase.

You can create customized emails for each buyer and build content for them, but don't forget to personalize your website for target accounts, engage them by providing comparable content in a desirable format that is specifically based on their challenges. 

Comparison Process- Buyers can come with different needs and therefore asked different types of questions, especially the ones in the evaluation and selection stage, who are often looking for product comparisons. This type of information can easily be delivered in a simple chart or info-graphic form. As marketers, how we answer these questions and meet these needs requires a variety of different appropriate content formats.

You can gain their trust by publishing evaluation reports in the form of comparison white papers, this could be an opportunity for you to run a pre-qualify test to be sure that prospect fits in your solution. Overall the response is higher when we provide customized content to the targeted audience, when you practice this, the overall numbers of sales opportunities also increase as in the middle of the funnel is often a time when you’ll be nurturing a lead, building a relationship, and establishing trust between your target audience and your organization.
Customers are expanding their demands like never before and choosy about who to give their money to. The ever-increasing needs of customers will force marketers to take a more customer-centric approach to market, sales, and customer service in order to please customers.

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” – Roy H. Williams

The last but not the least..
Bofu is on the runway to take off.  Stay tuned….
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