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Best Roadmap For Successful Demand Generation Funnel in 2019

The expectations of marketers for demand generation in 2019 are quite high, considering the improved stats in 2018. In this article, we’ll walk you through the different sales funnel stages. 

Demand generation is about driving awareness about a company’s product or service, as we all are witnessing demand generation keeps improving rapidly over the years by the fact businesses are not willing to take chances regarding their sales strategy. But the best companies in the market are those who are always ready for new trends and strategies, parallel to this it is also very important to support the rest of your marketing process down the funnel as well. And always keep updating about new trends in your organization for a successful demand generation funnel.

That could be an effective way to drive the marketing and sales funnel successfully for your business, which involves the execution of a few basic demand generation tactics to educate the audience such as brand awareness, sales enablement, automated lead nurturing, and customer retention. Demand generation strategy has been changed for a good over the years and B2B marketers can identify the impact on the audience more clearly and can be able to understand their pain points and meet the sales goals. These strategies are built on a structure of solid content that provides real value for prospects. And help you get all the things lay of the land so you can set up for a successful 2019 Demand gen funnel.

Keep reading to learn more and check the basic Demand gen funnel slide to learn more about Tofu, Mofu, and Bofu.

basic demand gen funnel

Tofu- Top of the funnel
Mofu- Middle of the funnel
Bofu- Bottom of the funnel

Tofu - Here we are talking about the top of the sales funnel where you can create an interesting offer to attract and approach the audience more of an awareness program by Content syndication stages such as blogs, audio podcasts, and articles to educate them and understand their pain points that they are looking to address instead of launching huge lead generation campaigns in a first phase to attract prospects, you can just build a list of companies dealing with the profile of your ideal customers and then use it as your starting point an idea that works where you can contact people with the right content to convert them into the lead.

Mofu- Once you have conducted the tofu process your lead has traversed the initial lead conversion process and in the middle of the funnel the overall possibilities of qualification of a lead could increase as in this stage you will double the quantity of content and educate further, provide a solution according to the needs and challenges of a lead by providing educational resources, discount offers, quizzes and surveys can do wonders to create your credibility in terms of converting the lead into a sale as you are engaging your lead with healthy content. But it’s better you don’t get fear about scarcity as they are more likely to attract to your product or services when they find about limitations, this will go in your favor as well.

Bofu- The bottom of the funnel is a closing part of your lead conversion strategy after you have successfully conducted the tofu and mofu process by converting a prospect and engaging them with the content provided via mail or messaging. And in the lowest part of a funnel where you can provide a demo and comparison of services to the prospect to convert him into a potential lead. This is an indication that the lead is all set to become your customer. This is where a free assessment, evaluation can work nicely to start the conversation and you can begin to qualify your most interested leads to turn the decision-making process in your favor.

So with the framework in place, you will be able to save a lot of money and time for your sales and marketing team doing the right thing instead of spending a lot of money on advertisement and trying to reach everybody in search of the right customer.
You definitely have experienced it once and it’s time not to repeat it.

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