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Lead Generation, A Deep Dive In

What is a lead conversion, why quality matters, lead generation best practices.

We hope you have enjoyed our recent blog post, “Lead generation- A journey in-between”. You can check here If you missed it. There we learned about marketing strategies to get traffic to your landing page and got to know about popular tools to create a landing page.

As promised, we will take a deep dive into lead generation with this blog, we discuss what role quality plays to increase account conversions.

What is a lead conversion?
You would say it is everything that a business needs to turn a prospect into a potential lead and then a paying customer. That's partially correct. But, in this process, a few small processes also work underneath it. Getting traffic to your website or your landing page is just a halfway journey. Even if your prospects visit your website or contact form and provide information about themselves, those visits and contacts don’t mean much if you don’t use lead conversion best practices to turn them into new customers. To better understand the best practices for lead conversion you can view the GIF below.

Finding The Lead Source:
Lead source means the source that directed a prospect to your landing page. It may include any offline or online marketing efforts such as print advertising, radio/TV advertising, SEO, search advertising, social media, and local directories. It’s important to track the source of all your leads so you can calculate the exact ROI of your marketing efforts.

How Many Clicks:
When it comes to capturing a lead, a click means when a prospect clicks on a link at a website from an online source, such as organic search results, online advertising or display ads, social media profile or post, directory listing. A click does not necessarily represent a lead, but it’s a first step in tracking your marketing effort's impact. It’s also critical to know how many clicks have been recorded, the number of contacts that have been made, leads, and customers you received from online sources just to calculate the performing ratio of your marketing strategies.

Who Visits Your Website:
As anyone clicks on the ad or on a link placed by you, that person would land on your landing page. That is where you received a visit. As similar to clicks, visits are also important to be tracked. But you will not have a clear picture of a conversion, because a visitor is not yet a customer. So, make sure your website is optimized to get you contacts like calls, emails, web forms even live chats to ensure more visitors become contacts.

You Have Been Contacted:
Being Contacted is a clear indication that a person who has contacted your business by email, call or through a web page (landing Page) is interested in your business, but has not been qualified as a lead yet. For new leads, this process is often automated, involves sending emails that contain various types of content to keep them engaged in your business. For example, thank you messages, special promotions and offers, educational content, like explaining how the latest trends in your industry can bring value to your prospect. The goal of lead nurturing is to stay as close as possible to your leads so that they choose your business instead of someone else's business.

conversion best practices infographic

Why Quality Matters:
Quality is not just a mere word. It's achieved by a strategy behind every successful sales story you have heard until now. You can't ignore it because your customers buying plans depend on their journey from being a Lead to a customer. You probably do not want consequences like high churn, low customer engagement, and failed sales efforts of your sales team. The main cause of lower lead to sales conversion is an inappropriate buyers journey set by you. It affects other downstream aspects of your campaign as well. Today so many marketers talk about quality but few of them understand. It’s not just about how many leads you get, but how qualified are the leads. Lead generation would be unproductive if you are following the wrong spots. 

“A 2013 IDG Enterprise survey revealed that 61% of B2B marketers indicate that generating high-quality leads is their biggest lead generation challenge (higher than converting leads into customers” business intelligence has to be accurate in order to retain the best leads.

Time has changed and today it is much more difficult to crack that final deal with your customers. Competition is so close, that If you want to stand out of this clueless lot, you need to know the better plan that works and then you just have to work according to your plan.

There’s that good old saying… “fail to plan, plan to fail.”_Benjamin Franklin

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